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Date: 18th - 21st Febuary 2016
What is epic.LAN?

Event: EuroGamer Expo
Date: 22nd - 25th September 2016
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Welcome to the 404Games Community Website. We host a range of games from Arma2, GarrysMod, Minecraft to Battlefield 4 servers all open to the public.

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epic.LITE South 4

Posted by DomUk - Jan 22 2016 03:32 PM



This is for the southerns to gather together and conspire against the north. Manning and myself will be attending, why not come join us? This 24 man event is perfect as we can bring alcohol, drink and drink more gin. If your interested then please post up.


Event Info
Leonard Stanley Scout Hut
Date: Friday 1st April - Sunday 3rd April
Seating: TBC


Tickets Prices
BYOC: £35.00

Tickets to be released soon: https://www.epiclan....k/elite-south-4

Vilayer Is Gone Gone Gone

Posted by DomUk - Dec 17 2015 05:10 PM


It seems that Vilayer has today shutdown and removed all of our services with no warning, and these are lifetime servers they said we can keep forever. After being a loyal employee working at the top of vilayer for 2.5 years and only keeping my free clan package to run a few DayZ Standalone and Garrysmod servers in popular locations it seems they have been deleted with no warning or messages.


Sad times for Vilayer, oh well onwards and upwards. Ill be looking at getting something sorted with a new host to get our Russian and USA servers back online again. We have been looking at http://www.uhostpro.comas a provider and are working with them currently to see if we can work out a new home.

Server Updates and Migration

Posted by DomUk - Nov 27 2015 11:43 PM

I am moving our main server tonight, so there might be a few problems with the game servers/teamspeak. Ill post up new details later but the only thing changing is the teamspeak IP for most people. 


Gmod and minecraft with also be down for about 2hrs from 4-6am :) 


epic.LAN Seventeen

Posted by DomUk - Oct 08 2015 02:02 PM



So we did epic.LAN Sixteen with 3 of us but we want the full turn out if possible for epic.LAN Seventeen. The staff put on a really good pub quiz with a drawing round for TJ and we BBQ o Win with no failures for the first time. Lets get a good group together, for the next event.


Event Info
Kettering Confrence Center - http://www.ketteringconference.co.uk/
Date: 18th - 21st Febuary 2016 
Seating: We will attempt to go to the community room but if not the main room will do.


Tickets Prices
BYOC: £55.00 Until the 15th November / £66.00 After the 15th November 
Spec: £10 Per Day / £22 Weekend

Ticket Addons

3 Day Breakfast - £13.50 <<< (Well Worth Getting)

Camping - Free

DormBed - £70

Wifi - £5 (Only For Specs)

Extra Network Cable - £5 (For Laptops ect)

TICKET SALES/WEBSITE: Tickets (Please use my link or username DomUk as the referrer to get us both perks)


404LAN Forum - http://www.404games....124-lan-events/

Coming soon... FNPA revamp

Posted by Ale - Sep 26 2015 12:46 PM


As I'm sure some of you will agree, FNPA has been stale for some time. So we need to do away with the old and bring in the new. Starting with a few guidelines:


  • Be punctual or be left out until next lobby oppertunity. 6PM will be the start of the warm-up and then at 7pm sharp the games will begin. This gives time for people to roll in and get started (word on the street, is that 8pm is preferable)
  • Come equipped for fun and a laugh, not an argument, if you have beef, take it to another channel. You can still cuss each other out, just don't go overboard
  • Salt restriction. Small doses are permitted in your diet, but don't go crazy
  • Be preparred with appropriate games, drivers, profiles, keybindings, settings etc
  • Vote on the FNPA poll to give an idea on what people want to play
  • If you can't show, tell someone. Then we know rough numbers. Everyones got lives so I'm not expecting you to show at every event, but please let us know if you can or can't make it. Makes it easier for whoever is organising that night to co-ordinate a game/party/lobby
  • READ the announcement made on the Steam group at a date I will later specify. Should give you a good idea of what's going on if you dont have immediate access to the forums

Questions / suggestions demanded!