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LAN Event: epic.Fifteen
Date: 16th - 19th July 2015
What is epic.LAN?

Event: EuroGamer Expo
Date: 26th September 2015
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Welcome to the 404Games Community Website. We host a range of games from Arma2, GarrysMod, Minecraft to Battlefield 4 servers all open to the public.

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Tower Unite, DO IT NOW!!

Posted by McMidjit - Aug 11 2015 11:20 PM

If anyone has not backed Tower unite on indiegogo yet it only has 32 hours left as of me posting this! I suggest you get yo ass over to this link https://www.indiegog...11735612#/story and get at least the $20 one as it gives you closed alpha access and a steam key when released (they have been greenlit)

404Games Server Updates

Posted by DomUk - Jul 25 2015 06:09 PM

For the first time in 3 years of running servers we are changing up the server hosting. Since starting the community we have rented our hardware from OVH based in France and it has been nothing but perfect, but since things things have scaled down size wise and we play more and more games that have official hosted servers I through now would be a good time to change things up.
I have purchased a second hand Dell R410 with 2x x5550cpu and 32GB of ram which is perfect for running our teamspeak, game servers and hosting. It is racked and setup in a UK Datacenter and good to go, the servers are currently up and running, any issues on any of the servers please let us know. If anyone can help donate towards the cost of the new server (£250) and the monthly £25 for our webhosting then this would help greatly.


epic.LAN Sixteen

Posted by DomUk - Jul 21 2015 12:36 PM



The plan is to get the groups booked up and ready for the lan early so we can get our seating sorted.


Event Info
Kettering Confrence Center - http://www.ketteringconference.co.uk/
Date: 1st - 4th October 2015
Seating: We will attempt to go to the community room but if not the main room will do.


Tickets Prices
BYOC: £55.00 Until the 9th August / £66.00 After the 5th August 
Spec: £10 Per Day / £22 Weekend

Ticket Addons

3 Day Breakfast - £13.50 <<< (Well Worth Getting)

Camping - Free

DormBed - £70

Wifi - £5 (Only For Specs)

Extra Network Cable - £5 (For Laptops ect)

TICKET SALES/WEBSITE: Tickets (Please use my link or username DomUk as the referrer to get us both perks)


404LAN Forum - http://www.404games....124-lan-events/

GTA V Crew and Friday Night Play Along

Posted by DomUk - Apr 15 2015 07:38 AM


It seems that we have got a rather large gathering for GTA5 online so just to get any of the last stragglers in, we have setup a GTA5 Crew on the social club and are opening it for invitations. Simply request to join and let one of us know that you have signed up and we will accept it. 404 Members and friends are welcome to join, we simply ask that if you play with us that you join our teamspeak "ts.404games.co.uk"


404Games Crew: http://socialclub.ro.../crew/404_games

404Game Member List: http://socialclub.ro...Games/hierarchy


See you ingame!

Badttlefield 4 Server

Posted by DomUk - Mar 10 2015 06:23 PM



Its dirty and need cleaning up, anyone who can play/idle on it will be able to pick and set the rotation so get involved and help where you can. If it fails or flops at the end of the month we will just not renew it.