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#1748 404Wasteland - Chernarus (V2) Mission (+ Requirements)

Posted by DomUk on 09 December 2012 - 09:31 PM

How to host 404Wasteland - Chernarus. Takistan, Utes
To run our mission file all you need is the mission file. If you are experienced in running an Arma2OA server then you can skip the guide below.

NOTE: We accept and encourage modification of the Wasteland mission file as long as credit is left; However we will not support or troubleshoot issues that may arise as a result of unofficial modifications to the mission file.
If you have a suggestion or want to report a bug, please post a thread in the relevant forum:
Ideas & Suggestions (Changes you would like/have made)
Technical Support (Server/Code Problems)
Any support requests for unofficial Wasteland versions sent via PM on TeamSpeak/Forums will be ignored, please use the forums to ask questions for unofficial builds.

You no longer need to run ARMA2NET! and the location of the admins.sqf has moved from the root of the mission folder to Server->admins.sqf

[Step1] SignUp To Download
Signup at the 404games website to download the mission files. (SignIn) (Signup)

[Step2] Download The Most Resent Files
Chernarus Mission File (Arma2Net Version) - Download Chernarus 2.9c Arma2Net Version
Chernarus Mission File (Non-Arma2Net Version) - Download Chernarus 2.9c Standalone Version

Utes Mission File (Arma2Net Version) - Download Utes 2.9c Arma2Net Version
Mission File (Non-Arma2Net Version) - Download Utes 2.9c Standalone Version

Takistan Mission File (Arma2Net Version) - Download Takistan 2.9c Arma2Net Version
Takistan Mission File (Non-Arma2Net Version) - Download Takistan 2.9c Standalone Version

404Game First Time Server Kit (All Versions) - Download Server Kit
404Games Custom Battleye Scripts (Last updated 24/02/13) - Download BE Scripts

Arma2Net Download (Only needed for arma2net version) - Download Arma2Net 2.3
Arma2Net Requirements - http://www.microsoft...s.aspx?id=24872 and http://www.microsoft...ls.aspx?id=8328

[Step3] Extract And Install
For first time installs you need to download the "Server Setup Kit" which has a sample bat launcher, config, and battleye setup. You then need to download the mission you wish to run "Utes", "Chernarus" or "Takistan" then take the pbo mission file and place it in your "MPMissions" folder.
The bat launcher has variables that need chaning such as the -ip=, -bepath=c:\server\path\battleye and if you want to change the server port you need to change -port=2302 to something else.

For upgrades you just need to download and replace the mission file.

[Step4] Customisation
In the wasteland folder there is a "server.cfg" you can customise this for your own server. If you wish to keep the 404 naming convention then that is fine with us as well, just try to get a number that is not in use.

[Step5] Battleye Scripts
You can download this file which contains our ban.txt and other script catching forms for battleye. They are all set to observe rather than kick, you need to look at the generated *.log files to determine who/what has been hacking. You just need to copy the *.txt files in to your batteye folder. Any problems or help with this post up in the bug/support forums.
404Games Custom Battleye Scripts For Wasteland - http://www.dlwl.co/d...Eye_Scripts.zip
Fankserver's Custom Ban List (10000 Hacker Banlist) - https://www.fankserver.com/bans/arma

[Step6] Starting The Server
Depending if you use a control panel or have access to the box you will need to adjust this to fit.

  • If you have rdp or console access to your server then you can simply use our server.bat and edit "IP=x.x.x.x" to your own server ip address.
  • If you use a control panel then you need to either edit the startup manually or ask your server provider/host if they can edit this for you.

This is the example startup line;
"Expansion\beta\arma2oaserver.exe" -ip= -port=2302 "-config=wasteland\server.cfg" "-profiles=wasteland" "-mod=@Arma2NET" -noPause -noSound -cpuCount=2 -exThreads=1 -maxMem=2048

Exploding helis are not a bug, it is intended. 24 spawn but only 8 survive and its random each restart.
The admin menu will only accept uids not guids please see our example admins.sqf page here - https://github.com/d...rver/admins.sqf
Do not use teamspeak to ask technical questions you will be ignored, please post bugs and support questions in the correct/appropriate forums.

[Step7] PM DomUk
If you want to stay informed of updates, pop me (domuk) a pm on the forum and I will add you to the update pm so you get informed of server updates.
Secondly if you want your server listed on our server page simply post up here with your server ip, name and website - http://www.404games....teland-servers/

[Step8] Optional
We have build an admin/debug panel in to wasteland. To access or use this you will need to extract the mission file pbo (with a tool like PBOViewer). Once extracted you will see all the files, you need to open the folder Server -> admins.sqf and open it in something like notepad or notepad++. Look for the following line

//Standard admin panel, use at your own risk.adminPanelUIDS = [""];//Heavy debuging tool, use at your own risk.provingGrounds = [""];

To add yourself get your UID and place it in like this

//Standard admin panel, use at your own risk.adminPanelUIDS = ["12345678", "12345678","12345678"];//Heavy debuging tool, use at your own risk.provingGrounds = ["12345678", "12345678","12345678"];

We recommend that you only give adminpanel to your admins to use as provinggrounds is manly used to debug when testing. To access the admin menu from ingame you simply press "y" or "u"


  • We had trouble getting battleye to start up with the server which meant we couldn't run Arma2 Rcon admin on the server. If you are having problems after setting your rcon password, then you might want to add the following to your startup "-bepath=C:\PATH\TO\BattlEye"We moved battleye into the wasteland folder on our server and pointed it to that.If you have any problems setting up your server, we will help you the best we can but cannot guarantee that your host/server will work as each setup varies. For support please use the 404games tech support forum located here
  • If you are getting waiting for host or the game is not loading correctly or the the mission is getting spammed in the console please make sure that you have copyied the "Addons" folder from Arma2 to your Arma2OA folder as it contains lots of the servers requirements. (Guide Link Coming Soon)
  • If missions are running then randomly stopping please make sure that you have updated your build to the latest version of wastelands as we released a hotfix to fix a broken mission.
  • Using server 2008r2? Having problems with the server crashing on join or arma2net not running missions? This thread will explain how to fix this (Credit To Loose_Unit for finding this one)
  • If missions are not running and you have Arma2Net running please make sure you have installed the two following requirements of arma2net.

We have setup a github for the project so that you can see our progress and also what changes have been made. If you wish to help us develop wasteland further please pm costlyy on the forums.

Previous Versions

All previous files can be found @ http://www.dlwl.co

Attached File  404Wasteland - Chernarus 2.9a (Mission Only).zip   1.64MB   1310 downloads
Attached File  404Wasteland - Chernarus 2.9a (Arma2Net Required - Mission Only).zip   1.64MB   434 downloads
Attached File  404Wasteland - Takistan 2.9 (Mission Only).zip   1.59MB   553 downloads
Attached File  404Wasteland - Utes 2.9 (Mission Only).zip   814.04KB   454 downloads

Attached File  404Wasteland - Chernarus 2.8a (Mission Only).zip   640.52KB   298 downloads

Attached File  404Wasteland - Chernarus 2.8 (Mission Only).zip   1.44MB   354 downloads

Attached File  404Wasteland - Chernarus 2.7 (Mission Only).zip   827.02KB   751 downloads
Attached File  404Wasteland - Takistan 2.7 (Mission Only).zip   826.28KB   359 downloads
Attached File  404Wasteland - Utes 2.7 (Mission Only).zip   806.97KB   398 downloads
Attached File  404Wasteland Server Kit v2.7.zip   19.05KB   1607 downloads

Attached File  404Wasteland - Chernarus 2.4.zip   1.01MB   617 downloads
Attached File  404Wasteland - Chernarus 2.4 (Mission Only).zip   812.97KB   346 downloads
Attached File  404Wasteland - Utes 2.4.zip   1MB   161 downloads
Attached File  404Wasteland - Utes 2.4 (Mission Only).zip.zip   805.35KB   134 downloads
Attached File  404Wasteland - Takistan 2.4.zip   1.06MB   151 downloads
Attached File  404Wasteland - Utes 2.4 (Mission Only).zip.zip   805.35KB   134 downloads

Attached File  404Wasteland - Chernarus 2.3.zip   1.01MB   191 downloads
Attached File  404Wasteland - Chernarus 2.3 (Mission Only).zip   812.19KB   158 downloads

Attached File  404Wasteland - Chernarus 2.1.zip   1010.18KB   131 downloads
Attached File  404Wasteland - Chernarus 2.1 (Mission Only).zip   791.07KB   101 downloads
[Old 404Wasteland][v1]
Click here

Attached Files

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#17438 ARMA 3 - Smugglers Cove Secret

Posted by Dealer on 11 August 2013 - 02:24 PM

This video shows a hidden cave in ArmA 3's Stratis map the cave can be found at these cords 041073 -11m enjoy!

● Subscribe for more! - http://goo.gl/dHBuv


Thanks for watching!


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#13693 If you could have anyones voice...

Posted by Progspawn on 06 May 2013 - 08:58 PM

Matt Berry, no contest


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#25896 rocket league videos

Posted by Ashman on 23 February 2016 - 03:21 PM

I kinda wanna watch my games back, see what I did wrong etc.

You jumped off the edge

Oh wait you weren't talking about the super smash tourney?
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#23439 epic.LAN Fifteen

Posted by Ashman on 25 March 2015 - 07:23 PM


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#19801 [i51]General Discussion

Posted by Ashman on 08 January 2014 - 07:43 PM

I didn't think it was possible to step up from the 4x4 Dom.


Soon you'll be bringing a bus to LAN.



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#14462 Wasteland Mission v3.0 Coming Soon!

Posted by redshirt_ensign on 24 May 2013 - 01:25 AM

Remember the COD WAW Bayonet, sure wish we could have those back. Would it be possible to put this action into a Arma mod, add bayonet option for Arma 2 or 3?


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#12897 2H2K Music Videos - Figure - Beetlejuice (Dubstep Mix)

Posted by Dealer on 19 April 2013 - 10:53 AM

Music video made for Figure's - Beetlejuice (Dubstep Mix)

Music by Figure



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#7210 [i48] 177 songs. 885 stars. 2 games. 1 man...place your bets

Posted by The Joy on 01 February 2013 - 05:51 PM

Yeah, I know all you guys ;)

You don't know me.

If these guys are the germans in Saving Private Ryan, i'd atleast be Georing.

The end of level boss. The King Koopa. The M. Bison. The Dr Robotnik. The Liquid Ocelot. The Ganondorf.

You're a long way for civilasation boy!
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#6414 Not sure on how to do something? READ THIS FIRST.

Posted by Melbo on 26 January 2013 - 03:17 PM

Here you shall find the most commonly asked questions on editing the 404 Wasteland mission file.

READ THROUGH THIS. If your question has not been answered then feel free to post your question. 90% of questions have already been asked and answered.

Unpacking the .pbo file.

Download Pbo View from

Once downloaded and installed, open the the 404Games_Wasteland.Chernarus.pbo and you will see this.


Press Ctrl+A and select where you want all the folders and files to be extracted.

Editing the mission.sqm

Copy the mission.sqm file then go to your profile folder. In my case this would be "Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\Melbo\". Go into the missions folder and create a new folder called "whatever.Chernarus". Make sure this is spelled correctly. Load up your ArmA > Singleplayer > Editor > Chernarus > Continue. Once loaded click on Load > leave map on Chernarus and select the file name you created earlier. The map is now loaded into the editor.

Editing this file will let you change the classes of all playable units, modify time/weather, place in any other vehicle that is in ArmA II + OA. I won't go into too much detail here as there is really no need for you to be editing this.

Check this post from Dom to see a few videos of basic editing.

Ok. So now we have extracted all files. I will now explain what most of these file do and how to edit certain things.

I use Notepad++ to edit these.

addons / R3F_ARTY_AND_LOG / R3F_LOG / config.sqf

This file has the class names for all objects that you wish to be able to loaded into vehicles/picked up by players/ etc. You can also define how much space each object will take up. Also you can change what vehicles are able to be towed, airlifted by certain vehicles.

addons / advertise / advertise.sqf

This will pick from the Advertise array of messages and display them in hint form on the clients screen every 5 minutes by default. Edit the messages, colours, time as you see fit.

addons / donators

I will add a new thread on how to cusomise your donator slots soon.


This is basically the first screen the clients on your server will see. Here you can list any changes you have made, rules specific to your server etc.


This file contains what weapons are in the gunstore and how much they are sold/bought for. In the "NewWorldOrder" version this file also contains what building props, wheeled/tracked vehicles and helicopters are sold in the stores and their prices.

Note, any errors in this file will result in all players spawning above Novy Sobor and falling to their death. Make sure you get this right. If you are getting errors, check your server .RPT file. It will give you the extact line number the error is on.


There is probably no need to edit this file. A few common things that you may want to change is the respawn time and max player numbers if you add more player slots to you mission.


Nothing needs to be edited in there unless you are running custom scripts.


This file contains the text that a player sees when they join the game for the first time. Edit any lines in here to reflect your server.

client / functions / antiCheatClient.sqf

If you are adding any vehicles to the stores/missions then you need to make sure they are not being called in this list or they will be deleted when a player enters them. Simply delete the ones you want to let your players use.

Nothing else really needs to be edited in the Client\functions folder unless you want to edit default spawn loadout and other small things.

scripts / notherm / twsremove.sqf

This is a custom script we use that deletes a players weapons if it detects a banned weapon. Simply add/delete weapons as needed.

scripts / weapon / ranWeapon.sqf

Another script by one of the forum regulars here. This will cause weapons to spawn in and around buildings. Add/delete weapons as you see fit.

Please note that this script will put quite a strain on the server so changing the amount that spawns may degrade server/client performance.

server / functions / fn_refillbox.sqf

Edit this file to change what is inside mission/random spawn weapon caches. Add/delete the weapons you want.

server / functions / serverCompile.sqf

If you are adding in custom missions when make sure they are in the compile list in here.

server / functions / serverVars.sqf

This file contains: All the class names of vehicles that will randomly spawn. That are seperated into 3 categories. Civilian, Military and Armed Military. Pretty self explanitory.

It also contains the classnames of the building props that spawn at random, the class names of helicopters that spawn at random and the class names of weapons that will randomly spawn in vehicles.

Add/delete class names as you see fit.

server / functions / staticHeliSpawning.sqf

This file will allow you to change the number of working helis that spawn on a server reboot.

Line 15

while {_counter < 2} do // 8 helis spawn at the beginning

Change the 2 to amount you want. I believe 24 is the max.

server / spawning / boxCreation.sqf

Another file which contains contents of mission/random weapon caches
server / missions / factoryMethods / createUnits

The 3 files in here can be edited to change the load out of the AI that spawn at missions/hei wrecks.

server / missions / factoryMethods / createMissionVehicle.sqf

In the NewWorldOrder version we have disabled all thermal optics from mission vehicles as thermal weapons kill any PvP in Arma series. If for some crazy reason you want to enable easy mode then delete lines 21 and 22.

_veh setvehicleInit "this disableTIEquipment true";

Changing mission vehicles

Simply open up the mission you want to edit, find the line that looks like

_vehicleClass = ["BAF_FV510_W","BTR60_TK_EP1","M1126_ICV_MK19_EP1","BRDM2_TK_GUE_EP1","M113_UN_EP1","BTR90","LAV25"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;

And add/delete any vehicle class names.

Changing mission timings

In the sideMissions and mainMissions folder you will find the mainMissionDefines.sqf / sideMissionDefines.sqf.

Take note of the lines

#define mainMissionTimeout 1800
#define mainMissionDelayTime 1200

Timeout is the time in seconds it takes for a mission to fail if no one completes it.
DelayTime is the time in seconds between the missions.


#define mainMissionColor "#86d600"
#define destroyMissionColor "#FF0000"
#define failMissionColor "#FF1717"
#define successMissionColor "#17FF41"
#define subTextColor "#FFFFFF"

can be edited to change hint text colours.

server / admins.sqf

You will see 3 different levels of admins.

The first is Moderators. Users with access to moderator status will have access to the Player Menu and Vehicle management.

Next is Administrators. Users with access to this have the same as previously mentioned but with the abiltiy to use the Tags feature.

Finally is Server Administrators. Users with this will have access to everything - Player Menu, Vehicle Management, Tags, Teleport, Money and Debug Menu.

To make users able to use these you need to add in their UID (NOT GUIDS). UID's can be found by going into Player Profile in the main menu of ArmA II

Once you have the UID you need to add it to the admins.sqf. For example, giving access to the administrator level:
administrators = ["123456"];
(123456 being the UID)

For multiplayer users it needs to look like this:
administrators = ["123456","654321","123456"];

server / donators.sqf

As mentioned earlier, this is were you put in the UID of any players who you want to give donator access to. I will do a more in depth topic on this soon.

Want to run mods on servers that allow them?

For some reason people seem to have a hard time installing mods for ArmA. All you need is the ArmA II Launcher found http://www.armaholic...age.php?id=8241

You only need to configure the Addons and Launch Options tabs. Once you have located all the exe's (the beta is located in \arma 2 operation arrowhead\Expansion\beta). All the mods should be put in your \arma 2 operation arrowhead\ folder.

In the launcher simply right click "Addons / Mods" > Add group (name it anything) and then drag the mods from the left (Available Addons) to the green folder you have just created. Check the boxes that you want running then hit Start Game. Make sure the "Game Version" (bottom right) is set to ArmA II - CO.


Please note that in order for mods to work, the server HAS to have the correct signed keys. If you try joining a server with mods enabled and the server does not have the keys then you will be kicked from the server

Changing your FOV

Everyone should do this regardless if you play in 1st or 3rd person.


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#24868 Gentlemen!

Posted by Garner on 29 November 2015 - 06:00 PM

Good evening!! :)

Klaus made me sign up as i am appearing back online after a couple of years.


Name: Stephen Garner

Age: 26

Location: Uxbridge, London


I've know the vast majority of people on here for around 8 years or so. Been to 8/9 LAN's.

The longest being Midget and Dukey.


Haven't played any PC games for a few years, but play a vast amount on PS4.


Outside of gaming? I work in IT for a company for Rackspace as a Cloud Mentor (Rackspace name for Technical Account Manager for Cloud) where i spend most of my time designing cloud solutions for Rackspace, AWS and Azure cloud platforms, both pre and post sales. Visio is the bane of my life.


Apart from that, i head in to London most weekends, like a good drink and probably a bit more grounded that i was a few years ago.


Generally have no idea what people play anymore, but hit me up on STEAM if needed.


Much love,

G x



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#23401 Friday Night Playalones

Posted by pen0r on 21 March 2015 - 12:51 AM

7 minutes of your life.

Give them to me.


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#22552 customsong.mp4

Posted by AnarchyOSS on 29 August 2014 - 12:37 PM

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#14435 Hot off the presses [NSFW]

Posted by pen0r on 23 May 2013 - 04:00 PM

its not a penis its a parrot, you can tell them apart by the feathers

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#11757 [i48] Post LAN / LANstalgia

Posted by Progspawn on 28 March 2013 - 01:00 PM

Because I know you all want it:



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#11212 Calling ex members of Racked.eu (you know who you are)

Posted by AnarchyOSS on 18 March 2013 - 05:28 PM

I was saving this for an acceptable time.




I got a bottle of this, fairly expensive and its the good stuff.


As we know Tal enjoyed a good whisky.


Anyone wanting to pay their respects with a drink to him is welcome to join me. We will see how far it will stretch.

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#11137 Calling ex members of Racked.eu (you know who you are)

Posted by Ale on 17 March 2013 - 03:53 PM

Fucking massive picture of him on the wall in the box. Give him the biggest fucking LAN send off possible. He wanted to get to this LAN no matter what, so let's give him LAN.

Zero had a hard life. Rest easy son, we're gonna miss you so fucking hard.
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#10138 ARMA 3 - Max Settings

Posted by Dealer on 07 March 2013 - 03:24 PM

ArmA 3 in 1080p with maximum settings.
â–¼Let us know what you think in the comments  belowâ–¼


Thanks for watching!



â–ºOnline Coop Gameplay - http://www.404games....nline-gameplay/

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#16598 ARMA 3 - Wasteland - Fuel Station Warfare

Posted by Dealer on 14 July 2013 - 10:17 AM

While on the 404games wasteland server Team2h2k used the fuel station as bait to lure victims then recon the enemy base and gather intelligence as well as taking few men out along the way.

Thanks for watching!


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#9805 Mount & Blade Warband - Online Archer Montage

Posted by Dealer on 04 March 2013 - 03:45 PM

A montage of bow combat on Mount & Blade Warband online.

Thanks for watching!

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