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Not sure on how to do something? READ THIS FIRST.

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Here you shall find the most commonly asked questions on editing the 404 Wasteland mission file.

READ THROUGH THIS. If your question has not been answered then feel free to post your question. 90% of questions have already been asked and answered.

Unpacking the .pbo file.

Download Pbo View from

Once downloaded and installed, open the the 404Games_Wasteland.Chernarus.pbo and you will see this.


Press Ctrl+A and select where you want all the folders and files to be extracted.

Editing the mission.sqm

Copy the mission.sqm file then go to your profile folder. In my case this would be "Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\Melbo\". Go into the missions folder and create a new folder called "whatever.Chernarus". Make sure this is spelled correctly. Load up your ArmA > Singleplayer > Editor > Chernarus > Continue. Once loaded click on Load > leave map on Chernarus and select the file name you created earlier. The map is now loaded into the editor.

Editing this file will let you change the classes of all playable units, modify time/weather, place in any other vehicle that is in ArmA II + OA. I won't go into too much detail here as there is really no need for you to be editing this.

Check this post from Dom to see a few videos of basic editing.

Ok. So now we have extracted all files. I will now explain what most of these file do and how to edit certain things.

I use Notepad++ to edit these.

addons / R3F_ARTY_AND_LOG / R3F_LOG / config.sqf

This file has the class names for all objects that you wish to be able to loaded into vehicles/picked up by players/ etc. You can also define how much space each object will take up. Also you can change what vehicles are able to be towed, airlifted by certain vehicles.

addons / advertise / advertise.sqf

This will pick from the Advertise array of messages and display them in hint form on the clients screen every 5 minutes by default. Edit the messages, colours, time as you see fit.

addons / donators

I will add a new thread on how to cusomise your donator slots soon.


This is basically the first screen the clients on your server will see. Here you can list any changes you have made, rules specific to your server etc.


This file contains what weapons are in the gunstore and how much they are sold/bought for. In the "NewWorldOrder" version this file also contains what building props, wheeled/tracked vehicles and helicopters are sold in the stores and their prices.

Note, any errors in this file will result in all players spawning above Novy Sobor and falling to their death. Make sure you get this right. If you are getting errors, check your server .RPT file. It will give you the extact line number the error is on.


There is probably no need to edit this file. A few common things that you may want to change is the respawn time and max player numbers if you add more player slots to you mission.


Nothing needs to be edited in there unless you are running custom scripts.


This file contains the text that a player sees when they join the game for the first time. Edit any lines in here to reflect your server.

client / functions / antiCheatClient.sqf

If you are adding any vehicles to the stores/missions then you need to make sure they are not being called in this list or they will be deleted when a player enters them. Simply delete the ones you want to let your players use.

Nothing else really needs to be edited in the Client\functions folder unless you want to edit default spawn loadout and other small things.

scripts / notherm / twsremove.sqf

This is a custom script we use that deletes a players weapons if it detects a banned weapon. Simply add/delete weapons as needed.

scripts / weapon / ranWeapon.sqf

Another script by one of the forum regulars here. This will cause weapons to spawn in and around buildings. Add/delete weapons as you see fit.

Please note that this script will put quite a strain on the server so changing the amount that spawns may degrade server/client performance.

server / functions / fn_refillbox.sqf

Edit this file to change what is inside mission/random spawn weapon caches. Add/delete the weapons you want.

server / functions / serverCompile.sqf

If you are adding in custom missions when make sure they are in the compile list in here.

server / functions / serverVars.sqf

This file contains: All the class names of vehicles that will randomly spawn. That are seperated into 3 categories. Civilian, Military and Armed Military. Pretty self explanitory.

It also contains the classnames of the building props that spawn at random, the class names of helicopters that spawn at random and the class names of weapons that will randomly spawn in vehicles.

Add/delete class names as you see fit.

server / functions / staticHeliSpawning.sqf

This file will allow you to change the number of working helis that spawn on a server reboot.

Line 15

while {_counter < 2} do // 8 helis spawn at the beginning

Change the 2 to amount you want. I believe 24 is the max.

server / spawning / boxCreation.sqf

Another file which contains contents of mission/random weapon caches
server / missions / factoryMethods / createUnits

The 3 files in here can be edited to change the load out of the AI that spawn at missions/hei wrecks.

server / missions / factoryMethods / createMissionVehicle.sqf

In the NewWorldOrder version we have disabled all thermal optics from mission vehicles as thermal weapons kill any PvP in Arma series. If for some crazy reason you want to enable easy mode then delete lines 21 and 22.

_veh setvehicleInit "this disableTIEquipment true";

Changing mission vehicles

Simply open up the mission you want to edit, find the line that looks like

_vehicleClass = ["BAF_FV510_W","BTR60_TK_EP1","M1126_ICV_MK19_EP1","BRDM2_TK_GUE_EP1","M113_UN_EP1","BTR90","LAV25"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;

And add/delete any vehicle class names.

Changing mission timings

In the sideMissions and mainMissions folder you will find the mainMissionDefines.sqf / sideMissionDefines.sqf.

Take note of the lines

#define mainMissionTimeout 1800
#define mainMissionDelayTime 1200

Timeout is the time in seconds it takes for a mission to fail if no one completes it.
DelayTime is the time in seconds between the missions.


#define mainMissionColor "#86d600"
#define destroyMissionColor "#FF0000"
#define failMissionColor "#FF1717"
#define successMissionColor "#17FF41"
#define subTextColor "#FFFFFF"

can be edited to change hint text colours.

server / admins.sqf

You will see 3 different levels of admins.

The first is Moderators. Users with access to moderator status will have access to the Player Menu and Vehicle management.

Next is Administrators. Users with access to this have the same as previously mentioned but with the abiltiy to use the Tags feature.

Finally is Server Administrators. Users with this will have access to everything - Player Menu, Vehicle Management, Tags, Teleport, Money and Debug Menu.

To make users able to use these you need to add in their UID (NOT GUIDS). UID's can be found by going into Player Profile in the main menu of ArmA II

Once you have the UID you need to add it to the admins.sqf. For example, giving access to the administrator level:
administrators = ["123456"];
(123456 being the UID)

For multiplayer users it needs to look like this:
administrators = ["123456","654321","123456"];

server / donators.sqf

As mentioned earlier, this is were you put in the UID of any players who you want to give donator access to. I will do a more in depth topic on this soon.

Want to run mods on servers that allow them?

For some reason people seem to have a hard time installing mods for ArmA. All you need is the ArmA II Launcher found http://www.armaholic...age.php?id=8241

You only need to configure the Addons and Launch Options tabs. Once you have located all the exe's (the beta is located in \arma 2 operation arrowhead\Expansion\beta). All the mods should be put in your \arma 2 operation arrowhead\ folder.

In the launcher simply right click "Addons / Mods" > Add group (name it anything) and then drag the mods from the left (Available Addons) to the green folder you have just created. Check the boxes that you want running then hit Start Game. Make sure the "Game Version" (bottom right) is set to ArmA II - CO.


Please note that in order for mods to work, the server HAS to have the correct signed keys. If you try joining a server with mods enabled and the server does not have the keys then you will be kicked from the server

Changing your FOV

Everyone should do this regardless if you play in 1st or 3rd person.


Edited by Melbo, 14 June 2013 - 12:28 AM.

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Good stuff, think this will help alot of guys makeing some changes on there server.


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Feel free to post in here with any other helpful info and I will add it to the main post. Thanks.



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Updated the "Time change/speeding up" section.




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ok im still lost as far as adding vehicles/weapons/lego parts into the mission. i know i need the exact class name of the item i wanna add in but its HOW i add it in for this.


do i add it thru opening the file in note pad or something? a tutorial on this for someone thats never worked with SQL would help. im a newb as far as this is concerned :(. but i wanna learn this. any help would be greatly appreciated guys. thanks :D

KB Mavric


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I have tried to edit this for 1.1 Mod I have the wasteland_7724.chernarus.pbo & Wasteland_United_Chernarus.Chernarus.pbo How do I alter things as I have change a number of settings ie time and load out and admin added but this has not worked when I reuploaded it to the server and restarted ?


Any ideas on this can you edit the 1.1 mod of Wasteland ?


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Going to update this to v3.0 in the next day or so. Will try and get pretty much everything covered.



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I have tried to edit this for 1.1 Mod I have the wasteland_7724.chernarus.pbo & Wasteland_United_Chernarus.Chernarus.pbo How do I alter things as I have change a number of settings ie time and load out and admin added but this has not worked when I reuploaded it to the server and restarted ?


Any ideas on this can you edit the 1.1 mod of Wasteland ?

The mod is not currently open for editing im afraid as its in early development, you can only edit the public mission file.

DomUk - 404Games Founder - Please Do Not PM Me Unless Asked! For all support questions post in the relevant forum so that all staff can help!




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Edit for version 3.0.



Moving reply to new post.

Edited by DesignedtoLive, 22 June 2013 - 12:48 AM.


Extremely helpful guide, saved me from looking too foolish by asking what the most basic step is - how to open the dang .pbo! 


However, now I've got ask the second most basic step. How do I un-extract/re-pack the files back into a playable .pbo?  So close to playing a custom version but just missing that last step, lol.


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If you are using the mentioned PBO View in the first post then look at the first image .Click the picture of the open box with no green arrow (or just press Ctrl+P) then navigate to whatever folder you wish to pack up.

Edited by Melbo, 26 July 2013 - 08:20 PM.




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Great and useful guide Melbo.



Just a heads up to the 404 guys who package this PBO at large.


Using the above PBO manager, the PBO unpacks and packs OK. 


Using PBOTools, due to inconsistencies in the referencing of file names, the PBO will not pack up correctly. This has been a hinderance to managing the PBO on *nix servers.





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Hey guys i have a problem. All works fine but when i will add new base buildings and then start the server there are no buildings spawn. Not the old ones and not the new. Can anyone help me? 



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Solved it,forget a commata :D



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Ok, I am very interested in knowing how to set up the donator. I see there might be two spots that you can add a UID.


server / donators.sqf



So, My question is where do I put the UID and how to I say what tier is for that UID.


Also, I would like give the donator the clothes that they would choose.





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Having troubles getting the save feature to work. The code is stock for this PBO but, I was thinking that there was something that I am missing. Can you help me..





What PBO are You talking about?
The default ones that You can download from 404 or a customized one?

Also: Have You installed the inidb MOD and load it on the server?

Greez KiloSwiss



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Kilo., I have the donations script loaded. I am looking for help to get it to work. I have no idea where to put the UID information and what donator tier they are.. Can you help me.





Hello I'm quite new to this forum, but I run an ArmA II: OA Island Life Server but I can't seem to add this to my mission.  Even when I use the mission I downloaded from this webpage the admin panel does still not work.  If someone could help me with my issue would be great.  Thanks and have a nice day!



I can use the mission from Wasteland now but still can't seem to get the admin panel up on my custom mission.

Edited by nearbyplayer, 17 September 2013 - 09:55 PM.

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