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404GarrysMod Information

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Steam Profile


BF4 Battlelog Profile

  • 404 DomUK90
    118 - Brigadier General IX
    Played 323.3 hrs
  • 14300000 14890000
  • Percentage of vote: 43.31%

  • 14555500
  • Top Weapon: SAIGA 12K
  • Top Vehicle: TYPE 99 MBT
  • Skill / SPM 255 / 737.99
  • Wins / Losses: 427 / 397
  • Kills / Deaths: 16393 / 17144
  • WLR / KDR: 1.08 / 0.96
  • Accuracy: 16.82 %

[404Games] SledBuild #1 (UK) -

[404Games] SledBuild #2 (UK) -

[404Games] SledBuild #3 (UK) -

[404Games] SledBuild #4 (USA) - Currently Offline Due To Vilayer Deleting all of our servers!

[404Games] Extreme Football Throwdown -

[404Games] Dodgeball (UK) - Currently Offline Due To Vilayer Deleting all of our servers!

[404Games] Cinema (UK) -

[404Games] MelonBomber (UK) - Currently Offline Due To Vilayer Deleting all of our servers!



404Games Garrysmod Server Rules
1. No Whining
2. No Griefing
3. No Asking for Ranks/ServerMod Promotions Ingame
4. No Hacking
5. Be Mature In Chat. Keep Swearing To A Minimum and No Racism
6. No Asking For Free Items
7. No Advertising or Spamming Local Chat
9. Respect Admins/Mods and Other Players

It is your responsibility to read the rules, you where asked on server join to read the rules and if you are banned for any of the reasons above then you have been warned!

Useful Information
Ingame Commands
!party - Open The Party System

!votekick - Vote Kick A Problem Player From The Server

!voteban - Vote Ban A Problem Player From The Server

!shop - Open The Pointstore

Sled Build
You are limited to only spawning props to race. You build your sled and take it to the race line to challenge other players.

Football Showdown
The football server is simple, you take the ball, you score the goal.

  • Left Click - Swing/Attack
  • Right Click - Charge/Tackle
  • Left Alt - Jump Tackle

Melon Bomber

The melon bomber server is a recreation of the old Bomber Man game, run around blowing up crates and other players to win.

  • Left Click - Spawn Bomb
  • Right Click - Spawn Special Bomb


Join the lobby and pick a screen, watch some youtube videos and other fine films on the cinema server. Please keep the main screens clear or anything offensive and rude!

You can get popcorn from the shop :)



This gamemode is as simple as it gets, join the server and hit enemy players with dodgeballs, whilst picking up special balls with powers to increase your winning chances.


Q. Can I become an admin?

A. We pick our admins from our community members, we are a large community that play all kinds of games so if you want to admin our server your need to join 404games and play with us for a bit.


Q. Someone is griefing or abusing the server what do I do?

A. Panic, then jump on our teamspeak server and ask anyone with [404ServerAdmin] tags and they should be able to sort it out or find someone who can.

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DomUk - 404Games Founder -- Please Do Not PM Me Unless Asked! For all support questions post in the relevant forum so that all staff can help!

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