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Tutorial info

  • Added on: May 26 2013 03:29 PM
  • Date Updated: Aug 01 2014 02:07 PM
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How To Setup An Arma2OA Wasteland Server

A quick introduction on how to setup and run an arma2oa wasteland server.

Posted by DomUk on May 26 2013 03:29 PM


How to host 404Wasteland Mission Edition - Chernarus, Takistan and Utes
The first thing you will need is an Arma2CO server, this is simply a server that consists of Arma2 and Arma2:Operation Arrowhead content. If you have setup or have rented a server already you can simply skip past this section. If you need to setup a dedicated server please click the link below to our dedicated server tutorial.

Arma2CO Dedicated Server Tutorial


Quick Notice Before Continuing
We accept and encourage modification of the Wasteland mission file as long as credit is left; However we will not support or troubleshoot issues that may arise as a result of unofficial modifications to the mission file. We will do our best to help but if you change the code and it stops working then it is your fault. You are welcome to post up for support in the forums but please don't expect any official responses from 404Games.


If you have a suggestion, would like some help or support with arma2 wasteland then please open the link below and find the forum that you think will best help you. (Please keep in mind that 99% of wasteland issues and bugs are wasteland mission bugs as the MOD version of wasteland is in early alpha and only hosted by vilayer)

Wasteland Support and Discussion Forums


Download The Mission File

The server files can be found at our download website, click on the link below and simply select the most resent version of wasteland you require from the page. (The current versions of wasteland releases can be found on the 404Games homepage, top right corner)


DLWL - 404Games Download Site


How To Run The Mission File

Wasteland unlike dayz or ACE is simply a mission that runs using the arma2oa stock props and materials. All you need to do is download the latest version of our mission file for either Chernarus, Utes or Takistan and then place this in your arma2oa MPMissions folder on your pc or server.

  • Running It From Your Pc
    Simply navigate to your arma2oa folder path
    C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead
    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead
    Then open the MPMissions folder and place the downloaded mission in the folder.
    Run the game and then simply open the create game page, select the map for the mission you downloaded and you should see listed on the right handside Wasteland.
  • Running It From Your Server
    You need to navigate to your MPMissions folder on your servers setup. Place the mission file in the folder and then open the server.cfg (sometimes config.cfg depending on hosting companys)
    Scroll to the bottom of your configuration and place the name of the mission file in the config so that it looks something like this;
    class Missions 
    	class Wasteland

    Save your configuration and restart the server.


Battleye Scripts

Pulse has written some 404Wasteland specific battleye scripts to help cut down on cheaters and help you use the logs to ban hackers. The file is available to download on DLWL, just look for "Wasteland Battleye Scripts - Last updated xx/xx/xx" under Latest Versions.


We recommend using Gotcha Anti-Hack which is made for mainly dayz servers but with some small tweaks can be used to catch people cheating on wasteland. Gotcha reads your log files and if it sees something on the disallow list then it will kick or even ban them for it, allowing for your server to carry on uninterrupted.

Gotcha-AntiHack Website


We also recommend using BEC (Battleye Extended Controls) as it allows you to setup admins in-game who can, ban, kick and use global chat all from the ingame chat system, rather than having to give the battleye rcon password out to everyone.

BEC Website


Lastly a tool for server owners or clan/community staff to use is battlewarden. Its a great tool to manage multiply servers. You can manage the ban list, see whose playing ect. This tool requires the end-user to have the rcon password set in the battleye folder. It is well worth donating a few over to the creator, who in-return will give you a version with some extra features, such as the player database.

Battlewarden Website

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