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    404Exile - Poptab Reward Thread

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  3. Please use one of the following forms below to report your issue. Please note that we will resolve any reports which are incorrectly filled out, do not have any proof of cheating/hacking/ect) Hacker/Cheater On Server Compensation (These should only be submitted if an server admin has asked you to fill one out on discord) Other
  4. So your here for you free poptabs, post up a hello/introduction and your steam64 (https://steamid.io/) and within 48 hours someone will add the extra poptabs to your account.
  5. Below is a list of the rules for 404Exile Chernarus, If you report someone for cheating, hacking or abuse of the rules below please have proof or your report will go ignored. Please use the provided reporting forum to report issues ingame. General Rules No Hacking/Glitching/Duping/Abuse on any of our servers. Admins decision ingame is final, if you have a problem or would like to dispute it then please do so privately on our forums or discord. No Advertising ingame of any sort. No exploiting, wall glitching or using broken arma bugs to gain an advantage. "Steam Sniping" is perfectly acceptable, anyone stupid enough to stream arma live is asking for it. Combat Logging is not allowed, you will be punished if found doing it. Air to Air, Air to Ground and Air to Building kamikaze using any air vehicles is not permitted. Do not log out in other players bases, if you log out during a restart window or server downtime then this is fine. English only in the side chat! Do not impersonate admins or other players ingame. Do not use the Building/Crafting/Deploying system to destroy/kill players or vehicles. Do not deploy XM8 vehicles inside other vehicles to destroy them. Trader Rules No ramming people or vehicles in the tradezone area. No stealing of any sort. After a restart of the server vehicles left in the trader are fair game, this is not stealing. No pick pocketing players/cars/dead players. Do not destroy vehicles in the traderzones. Do not camp the outside of traderzones, following people in and out of trader is allowed. Stolen Vehicles (Vehicles taken from players outside of the traderzone) and then brought in to be sold belong to the person who drive the vehicle in, you can however lock the vehicle to stop the person from using it again and wait till restart to reclaim it. Building Rules The number 1 rule to remember is that everything in your base must always be accessible and raidable at any time. Bases which are not will receive a warning and then be deleted if not resolved within 24 hours. You can only have 1 territory per player, but you can belong to multiple territory's. The flag must be at all times in a 1x1 room with nothing else in it, you cannot place any items in the 1x1 of any sort/type. If your flag room is bigger than 1x1 then you must keep the 1x1 with the flag in clear. (Examples: IMAGE) You can build as many layers around the 1x1 flag room as you like as long as it is raidable from the The flag must be placed on the ground of the map, any floating or blocked flags will be deleted. All non-destructible building objects must not be used to block access to the flag/safes or anything raidable in the base. Safes, Storage Boxes and Tents can be spawned outside of territory's, they need to be in accessible places so if people find them they can be raided/hacked. (Normal placement rules apply) Rooms and bases created off the floor of the map must always have stairs/drawbridges/floors to access them. After 2 days any unpaid bases will reset all of its doors and safe pins to 0000 After 2 days any unused safes around the map will reset to 0000 After 3 days any unpaid bases will be deleted. When you are raided your base goes in to lockdown for 20 minutes, ever time a raid event happens the timer is reset. A raid event is when someone drills/hacks/explodes/steals something from within your base. During this time you cannot repair/build/move or work on your base. Players can during a raid pin block your door which will revoke access for 5 minutes to everyone, this is allowed. Building is restricted and not allowed when it is within the following; 800m from Bambi Towns 800m from TraderZones 1000m from Black Market Traders 200m from Petrol stations and on and on and on More coming soon.
  6. 404Games Exile server is not monitized, any donations made to the community elsewhere on this website will result in you not getting any rewards or perks on the below server. Arma3 Servers: Name: 404Games Exile (1.0.4|1.80) IP Address: Port: 2302 Mods: NIArms All in One, Specialist Military Arms, TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms, [404]Games Mod, DS Houses, Chernarus Isles, CUP - Terrains - Maps, CUP - Terrains Core, CBA, Exile.