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404Games Wasteland Server Info

Arma2 wasteland help info

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What Is Wasteland?
Wasteland is a survival sandbox mission with hunger and thirst. Where you can build a base work as a team or go as a lone wolf,
you have missions to keep you busy where you could find some people to hunt or just get some fancy toys to help you rule the server.

How To Play (Video By DaSquirrelsNuts)

Wastelands #1 - - Live
Server IP:
Slots: 60

Wasteland #2 - - Live
Server IP:
Slots: 60

Wasteland #3 - - Live
Server IP:
Slots: 60

Wastelands #4 - - Development
Server IP:
Slots: 10
Private: This server is only up if Deadbeat/DomUk/Costlyy are doing development work, if there is no password please come and join us to test the new features, but be warned the sever might only be online for 2 mins-40mins to test a feature.

404Games Wastelands Rules
1. No VOIP in GLOBAL - The only exception is to get an admin attention
2. No Whining/Moaning/Demands
3. No Teamkilling on BluFOR and OpFOR
4. No Hacking
5. Be Mature In Chat. Keep Swearing To A Minimum and No Racism
6. No VOIP Abuse
7. No Advertising or Spamming Chat
9. Respect Admins/Mods and Other Players

It is your responsibility to read the rules, you where asked on server join to read the rules and if you are banned for any of the reasons above then you have been warned!

Wastelands Useful Information
Gun Stores
This is where you can spend your money on guns in the game, the gun dealer can be located by looking at the map.
Posted Image
When at the gun dealer you need to scroll over him and then select gun store.
Posted Image
Once the menu opens you need to select a weapon purchase it and then don't forget to by some ammo! Once purchased find the box on the floor near the gun dealer and select gear and loot your new weapons.
Posted Image

There are two types of missions, side missions and main missions. The missions run every 5-10 minutes and will provide you with a location and something to do. A side mission will be something quick and easy like a refuel truck has spawned, go save it.
Missions will are guarded by (retarded) AI dressed as priests. One will always be armed with a stinger to stop people from flying in close and taking the reward quickly. The mission will not complete until you kill all of the AI, this means that the vehicle is locked until the mission is complete.

Wasteland FAQ
Q: I got banned how do I get unbanned?
A: This depends on what you where banned for. If you team-killed then you can appeal your ban by clicking here.

Q: I cant join the server it keeps kicking me.
A: Make sure you have an up-to-date beta client installed.

If you need an admin for any reason, just join teamspeak and look for SGA (Server Game Admin) or [A] and ask them to help you. All 404 members should be able to point you in the right direction if pop on teamspeak.

How can I setup a wastelands server?
Simply visit here for signup instructions - http://www.404games.co.uk/wastelands
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DomUk - 404Games Founder -- Please Do Not PM Me Unless Asked! For all support questions post in the relevant forum so that all staff can help!

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