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Bandits are broken.

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I'm not sure if this forum gets checked anymore but i'm going to give it a go.

I've been playing on this server with some friends as of late and recently npc bandits have been introduced. They are challenging and have decent aim which adds to DayZ. The problem however is the rate of spawn and their interaction with the world. These bandits are able to shoot through walls making it impossible to fight back. An example of a situation that happened to me was that I went to the aircraft dealer to the northeast in the hope of buying a helicopter. I was armed with a decent assault rifle and my friend carried a full auto machine gun, with which we travelled to the aircraft dealer. We shot about 7-8 bandits from a long distance and there were no bandits left to kill. At this point we felt safe and continued towards the hanger in which the dealer resides. As soon as we were near the entrance of the hangar we got shot through the wall by which I can only imagine are respawned bandits (this was within 30 seconds of the last kill we made.) in the head. These bandits are built on Arma programming and aren't meant to cope with the idea that you need to access a dealer which also takes a few seconds to a minute to do. It's simply near impossible to go to the aircraft dealer with these NPCs in place. Not to mention the trouble new players will have when they spawn with right now nothing and in the future probably just a makarov and a mag. This option as of right now feels like a limit to the gameplay instead of an addition. It's infuriating and will scare away not only new players but also infuriate the ones that have played a bit longer.


My suggestion is to either limit the spawns of bandits, cut them from dealers and trader cities (I know for a fact that the safezone in stary sobor has problems with bandits aswell) or completely remove these NPCs.



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We have removed the bandits for the time being until we can make the server more secure and also setup the bandit spawning locations so they are not everywhere.

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