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PUB G related things go here. Tactics, strats, etc, etc.
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Ok, time to get more learnt. We've been playing for a while now and we're all pretty familiar with how PUB works. But there are a few sneaky tricks that I feel people could add to their tool set to be able to adapt in a scrap. That and basic do's and don'ts. Some you might know, some you might not.

Always jump to either school or projects. This is the most central part of the map and a good place to get decent gear before you move off. Very rarely do you find yourself scrambling to get back into the circle because you jumped somewhere so far away. There are almost always vehicles in spots close to either of these LZs  which you can use if the circle gods aren't with you and you do end up having to travel a good way. When landing try and make a habit of landing in the same building and familiarize yourself with the layout, this will help you loot fast and track enemy players that may have landed with you. Try and pair off or land as a group in the same spot if you see an enemy team land with you. Jumping to either of these places WILL 90% of the time end up in a scrap, this helps you get gooder at not being shit in a gunfight because it's good praccy. And if you all get bummed then it's usually over fast and you can start again quickly. Win win. Sometimes.


We all know what an LZ scrap is like, scrambling for weapons, praying that other gimp that landed with you didn't find a 12g behind a door and is coming to make you his bitch. You need to make him YOUR bitch asap. Duo/team same rules apply, if someone else lands with you but somewhat separate from his team, find a weapon quickly and go and deal with him rickety tick. The faster you deal with the incursion the less time you spend looking over your shoulder at the LZ . Numbers will help so stay within helping distance of each other, you will need to revive someone, you always need to revive someone or be the flanking man, or be the point-man into a building, etc, etc. The more people from your team that respond, the likelihood of you taking him out before he does any damage to your team is dramatically increased. This allows you take on his team more effectively as the numbers are skewed in your favor allowing for different tactics the enemy are now denied. Make sure you call unidentified footsteps immediately, any team member armed and near-by should drop what their doing and go help, again speed and communication is key. Do not, unless you are the one that's out numbered just sit in a room and await your demise. Get gun, go help your team. Comms with your boys and use your ears and those corner peeps, I'll talk about them later.

When in a team or duo, never ever both, three of you, or all of you, loot a just killed player(s) or random box(s) laying around. In rare cases you'll both/all get murdered because you were greedy. Send one person, be fast, grab what's needed, meds, ammo, attachments and guns (should you need). Expedience is key, the less time you spend in the open the better. While you're out there, your team should be in a location where they're all somewhat close together and having eyes out in as many directions as possible, watching for threats and covering your dude. Looter should be asking if people need specific ammo, meds etc. Looter will bring these items back and drop them with the team. Once everyone has what they want they can carry on their way.
Don't do this:

Dom demonstrating why you shouldn't loot a body as a group.


Communication is paramount in this game. Being able to effectively convey the position of an enemy in an efficient and concise manner can be tough sometimes. Lead is flying, people are yelling, but keep your head and talk to each other. A lot of the time someone in your team has seen something, LET THEM FUCKING SPEAK. Listen, verify, react. Calls need to be relatively quick and contain no fluff. E.g: "Contact, North(direction), 15(bearing), Moving East(heading), Two foot mobiles (vehicles here also), 100m(distance), [Description of general area around targets, building etc]". Please bear in mind that bearings only work if everyone is reasonably close. When describing area target(s) are in be quick and accurate, in a gunfight getting the colour of a building wrong can get people shot. E.g: "NE Building, two stories, blue top floor, ground floor window most right". This walks your team right in on what you saw and allows people to get an easy, speedy fix on trouble. Please don't just say "over there" or "behind that tree" because A: "Over there" can be literally anywhere and B: "Behind that tree" in an area with lots of trees will result in me shooting you on purpose for being a dimwit. Use your grey matter and describe as best as you can. Sometimes you can't, it happens, just compensate for it by killing whatever it is before the rest of your confused team gets fukt. Failing that, hide and wait for a better opportunity. If you're far away from a call and you can't see anything at that baring, you are obliged to move (where feasible and preferably closer to your team) to get a visual on the threat. If you didn't quite hear or weren't sure of any detail within the call, ask them to repeat it, but be aware call-maker might already be engaging the target and might not be able to respond right away. There's a time for idle chatter and that's not in the middle of a gunfight, radio silence, save for useful information when engaged.


One of the most important things in third person (and why it's so op) is because of the sheer amount of stuff you can see. Over stuff, around things, under shit, etc, etc. If you're entering somewhere you suspect an enemy player is either looting/hiding or whatever, make sure you peep every corner, every door. Press your face up to the wall and mouse around the corner as much as you can without exposing yourself in the doorway. If you just charge in without having a peep you're opening yourself up to getting a straight up firing squad either in your face or in your back because you didn't check your corners. If you're undected move smoothly and take time to just look and listen. Patience and silence at this point is the golden rule. The quieter and more privvy you are to where someone else is while you remain unseen you have a significant advantage in terms of surprise and angle (if you've positioned correctly). In a CQB confrontation (e.g in a room) do not iron sight, 3rd person hip fire in full auto or burst, it works so much better. Works even better if you can sit behind a wall and strafe out a little and 3rd person hip fire, try not to lean out and shoot, as this leaves room for error in terms of you bumping your weapon against the wall and shooting into the air and getting ded as a result. Holding right mouse to over the should aim is shit and should be used sparingly if at all.

 Try to pair off where possible and never clear a room/house alone unless you feel confident you can rek whoever is in there. When entering a room, stack up prior, drop a 'nade in there if you want, enter and for the love of god do not stop. There are people behind you that need to get in. If you're leading a room clear and you stop just inside the door you open up not only yourself, but the rest of the team to getting rinsed because no one can move. Go in and move to one side and then the second man can get in and move to the other side, subsequent people can filter in BEHIND everyone else, or you'll get FF'd.


It will happen. Return fire. Return fire a lot, don't spray, but be liberal. Do not stop moving and go prone. You stop, you die. Keep moving it's your only chance (even if it is slim), if you get fixed in place, you ded. Don't panic. Chances are you saw someone poking out, shoot at him / near him while moving and get to nearest cover. Deploys smokes, these unsung heros will save your life, always carry 2 or 3. Once in cover consider if you can triage downed/injured players without getting executed yourself, or if you can swing the attack and seize the initiative with remaining players, delegate triage if you are in a superior position in the fight, consider breaking off the engagement entirely if you have adequate structural or geographical assets to fall back to. Again, deploy smokes to cover retreat. Leaving injured team mates is sometimes an inevitability but never say never (unless the situation is well and truly FUBAR), try and revive a team mate if you feel you can, it can win games. If not salvage only essentials. Meds and ammo (if you need it, don't get baited by loot).


If you find yourself in a sneaky bush, in grass or just behind generally sneaky and you're not looking for a scrap or waiting to see where the circle goes so you can make the appropriate move. Just stay still. That's it. Sometimes you will have to just stay still and wait out a situation, but always be ready to launch an ambush in case you get rumbled or something out of your control happens. You will be surprised how blind some players actually are. Remember, keep absolutely still. Their vision is based on movement.

[video supposed to go here but it won't let me have more than two embedded - ]


I'll add more when I can edit my own posts (hint, hint Dom), but for now, good luck and get sum dinners.

P.S, You don't make friends by blocking doors. Stop it.
[Image: LJle8NC.gif]
Just to back up Ale's point about "Over there" and similar calls, I've got a prime example of how it can spectacularly not work.
Coming down the hill into Rozhok, I'm a little behind Dom who's up against the back wall of a redbrick that leads to an outside concrete wall. I see Dom heading towards the end of the row (towards this wall) and I see a dood pop out from the corner at the end of that wall. I ADS to check I'm not seeing things and get ready to make him be more dead and realise he's seen me before I've finished saying "Eyes on a guy". Literally no time to look at actual bearings, so I rely on my knowledge from just a moment ago that Dom was heading that way and say "He's right there, straight ahead, end of the wall"
Turns out that in the time I'd looked away from Dom, spotted senor doodface and realised I gotta shoot him right then, Dom had turned left to go between the redbrick and the wall in question.
Cue me failing to work out any more useful information than "No, no behind you" as Dom's busy 360'ing trying to work out which the heck way "straight ahead" was 5 seconds ago and is now behind him.

Walking people on to things is something really useful to get the hang of, and you don't have to wait until a firefight to practice it. When you're busy looting and you find something that someone else wants, do it then. E.g., say we're looting Projects:
"South-East building, First floor, Right side up the stairs, First room on your right."
Same applies when walking your brosephs onto the guy that's hiding in there. Start wide, narrow it down.
Cheers Luv! The Cavalry's 'ere!

[Image: LxHHdRO.png]

Part 2-ish
Holding a building & CQB
Having successfully occupied a building either via dynamic entry or it just being unoccupied.
  • Clear the building: Make sure every room is checked for hostiles and they're dealt with appropriately. Check your corners.
  • Cover the entrances: As much as possible and stay away from windows (makes you less likely to catch a round from an opportunistic sniper). And never assume you're 100% safe in a building. People can and will sneak in, I've seen it happen an awful lot.
  • Eyes out: Set-up people in as many good view points as possible around the building. Players with better power optics take priority for good vantages and people with more CQB based weapons and optics are to cover doors/stairs.
  • Grenades: Be extremely careful using grenades inside a building. It's far too easy to ding a frag off of a window frame and have it land next to your sniper who's not paying attention. Ask yourself, do you really need to throw that frag/flash?
  • Smoke grenades inside: Don't.
  • Pour it on: If you're good for ammo, there's no point holding on to it. Make your position as difficult as possible for people to maneuver on by drenching incoming attackers with gunfire. Even if you're not actually hitting the player you're keeping his head down stopping him from moving and returning fire at you/team.
  • Stay in the fucking building: If you need to defend that structure. Stay in it. No point running outside away from your team to inevitably catch one in the head, no one's coming to rescue you.
  • Bungalows: Don't bother, incredibly difficult to defend too easy to storm and take.
  • Situational awareness: One of the downsides of defending a structure is that you can't have eyes everywhere all the time. Defenders need to be conscious of potential threats approaching from other sides of the building. Don't spend 20 mins trying to shoot one guy who's 600m away hiding on the other side of a hill. Move around the building looking out of all the windows for threats and try and have a mental map of where everything is around you.
  • Structures disguise your team numbers: The more proactive you are shooting at incoming attackers from different parts of your building will confuse attackers into thinking there are potentially more of you than there actually is. This can be advantageous in the early stages of a fight as it may keep the attackers at bay if they are also down on numbers. This advantage will fade if you allow them to get close to the building.
  • Cluttering around windows/doors/tight spaces: Try and allow only one person per window to shoot out of. I've lost count of how many times Ive been aiming down my sight and as I pull the trigger a team mate just wanders across my sight and they eat the bullet. Give each other space to work, it's also handy if a frag lands in the middle of everyone, you can disperse heck of a lot easier.
  • Concede floors if you're in a multiple story building: If you're defending a project build for example and the fight isn't going your way, pull whoever is left back and retreat up to the next floor, spread out and cover the stairs. The only way up are those stairs, and if everyone is looking at them, it's going to be mad difficult for the attackers to get up to you without exposing themselves to danger. Rinse and repeat for as many floors as you have available to you until you either win or lose.
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