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Eprick lan
Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die. Come to Lan.

Here are some links to a low cost Rick Cosplay.
Hair (£13): This one is the lazy man's option:  

Lab coat (£13):  (check the size)

Light blue long-sleeve shirt (£6):

Rick also wears brown trousers and black shoes, I figure you probably all own a pair of those.
Allowing for shipping, this should all come in at less than £40. The wig makes things expensive, im sure it would be cheaper if you just dyed your hair.


Belt (£7):

Portal gun (£17):

Hip flask (£2):

Council of Ricks badge (£10):

Fancier hair, This one requires you to style it yourself into the spikes:

And for the poor relations:


Yellow Shirt (£2):

Bowl cut wig (£6):

White Canvas shoes (£6):

Then a pair of blue jeans, which even literal fucking hobos own so you have no excuse.
Rick C137. The Rickest Rick.
You've got to love to be hated, find the good in being bad, oh, the crowd is full of gentlemen, but they've paid to see the cad.
Can it be done?

[Image: CZBdiSsWwAEekQw.jpg]

Oh and in case you guys didnt already know about the comic series, view it online here:
Going blue balls deep, with Morty as backup

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