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The Night's Watch
Listen up scumbags.
You're here because no other community wants you. You get 3 square meals a day if you're part of the breakfast club and 3 square soggy paninis if you're not. If I catch anyone of you sober past 2pm on thursday, there'll be very public, and very pubic, lashings.
Now report to the armourers' shack and pick up your fatigues.
First up, Midjit! You just get the bare essentials. Here's a cape and a shirt. Do the rest yourself. £10 for the lot. [CLICK]
Now you TJ, good thing you've built some shields because this costume doesn't come with one. Or boots for that matter. Pick those up separately; £55 [CLICK]
What do you mean that last set looks like the previous owner died in it. Of course they did. If you want a tiny bit more of that western linen charm, try this on for £78 [CLICK]

My suit? You wouldn't be interested in that.... [CLICK]


Right that's the scale of what's on offer. Number 2 looks the most servicable if i'm honest.
No Feb LAN for me
Where's the Bacon?

Night gathers and now your watch begins.

Since Pen0r has failed to offer to buy us all Night's Watch costumes it has befallen us to source them ourselves. And since none of us are committed to a cause enough to make shields for the entire comm ... *ahem* i mean spend more than £40 on a one use costume we're going to have to get creative .....

[Image: latest?cb=20170529194410]

So. The Night's Watch outfit takes many forms, from Rangers/Builders/Stewards, all look slightly different however i think we can all agree that basing this upon is the standard Jonno look as Lord Commander ....

This has the following elements;

1) Boots
2) Black/Dark Trousers
3) Belt
3) Black Gloves
4) Dark Grey Under-tunic
5) Black Cloak
6) Black Leather Jerkin/Doublet

I'm going to take a risk here and assume that some people will be able to source some of these elements free for themselves, either verbatim or close enough to not have to buy things especially. So, here goes;

1) Boots - If you don't own a pair of boots or atleast a pair of dark coloured/rough shoes, literally get the fuck out now.
2) Slinky Trews - We all have a dark/black pair of jeans. Eat shit.
3) Belt - See above. You WILL need one of these to bring the tunic/doublet together at the waist.
3) Black Gloves - Traditionally these should be leather, atleast these are leather effect.
4) Tunic - This was essentially an armour layer beneath the leather jerkin and could potentially be left out. If you wanted to source something official online then you're welcome to though i wasn't averse to taking some creative cuts to a bedsheet should be able to produce two of these from one purchase.
5) Cloak - Black cloak with fur lining around the neck. Again you can go online and get these. Alternatively for a financial contribution, the wife (forever the seamstress) has offered to make a bespoke version from crushed velvet and faux fur lining .... though these need to be 'ordered' as far in advance as possible.
6) Final item - Awaiting confirmation. I'm now playing ships so FO. I'll update this tomorrow.


1) Boots     - Free
2) Trews     - Free
3) Belt        - Free
4) Gloves   - £2.89
5) Tunic      - £3.50
6) Cloak     - £12.00
7) Doublet  - £TBC

Current Total - £ 17.39

Current Brothers of the Night's Watch;

You've got to love to be hated, find the good in being bad, oh, the crowd is full of gentlemen, but they've paid to see the cad.

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