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Death is the only adventure you have left.
It's official. Minimum vote threshold has been met and democracy has chosen.
In order to fulfil this glorious LAN we would require people to volunteer to be the following critical characters;

Captain James Hook -
Peter Pan - Prog

The following secondary characters, although not critical would also need to be filled in order of importance;

Smee - Pen0r
Rufio -

Tinkerbell -
Jack -
Maggie -
Wendy -

The rest of you who don't wish to put your names forward but still want to arse about, your following generic characters are;

Pirate - Midj,

Lost Boy -

To effectively coordinate, please express your intentions in this thread so we don't end up with 10 Tinkerbell's.

And for those not interested ........ THE BOO BOX.
You've got to love to be hated, find the good in being bad, oh, the crowd is full of gentlemen, but they've paid to see the cad.
Generic pirate
Where's the Bacon?

Full bob hoskins for me

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